The Week in Review-Maybe some clarity

As we are closing in on September and people are getting ready to go "back to", some interesting things have been going on this week.

Alberta has rats! No, I'm not talking about the politicians. I'm talking about real rats seen right in Alberta. We have been rat free.

There was another  mass and public shooting in the USA on Friday This time at the Empire State Building.

The USADA recommended that Lance Armstrong have his Tour De France titles removed amidst allegations he uses performance enhancing drugs. Armstrong announced he was not appeal.

We also discuss whether a man should hit a woman. There was a story that 1 in 10 male Albertans felt it was ok to hit a woman if he angered them. Perhaps when I posted that would have been a better way to word that. However, if anything it is important that we did discuss this. And not only women, but maybe more men need to speak up as well. I did appreciate that there was clarity and that the issue was taken seriously. 

Stay tumed for next week!  There will be some interesting things to discuss.