Agree or Disagree-You would support a Healthy Lifestyle or a Junk Food Tax

 As well as her only French business in Montreal comment,Patti Marois of the PQ party made another interesting statement.

She actually took a shot or some felt she took a shot at overweight people. She believes in a healthy and active lifestyle. The CAQ  Health Critic name is Gaetan Barrette and he is overweight. According to an article in Yahoo News, He did feel this comment was an insult.

According to CBC News, a journalist asked Marois in French: "In your announcement today, you speak of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, of the state's duty to promote that healthy lifestyle. You spoke of healthy body weight and being active. Do you think the health minister ... needs to set an example in those areas?

She replied: "I believe a health minister has a basic duty to set an example. "

It is debatable if the comments are appropriate. What is not is the legitimate concern about the activeness of children and perhaps our society as a whole. Obesity rates have increased in both Canada and the USA with some serious concerns. These concerns are having a toll on our health care system.

Some have suggested that there would be a junk food tax or some other motivations to help curb this issue? 

Would you support something like this? And would it work?