Agree or Disagree: Quebec should only conduct business in French.

You might or might not have heard of Patti Marois. She is the leader of the PQ. She has some interesting ideas that we will look the next 2 days.

The first one is that she announced if elected,they would adopt a tougher language law. She is concerned that English is becoming "increasingly present"as the preferred language communication of Montreal.

"The message has to be clear: in Quebec we live in French, we work in French, we communicate in French," Marois said during a campaign stop in Montreal on Sunday According to Yahoo News.

So in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, any company with more than 10 employees will conduct their business entirely in French.

It's Ironic, since Marois said she wanted to unite the English and that the PQ was the only party that cared. She also decided that she could not participate in an English debate because she wasn't comfortable speaking it.

What do you think? Should Quebec be allowed to speak only French?