Agree or Disagree: Both Quebec and Canada would suffer greatly if Quebec separated

You may think that this is an old story, but I have a feeling this will come up again. As you may know the election was called in Quebec last Wednesday. The major issues are the Quebec Student Strike over tuition, French and English language and environment. The students will make a huge impact on who wins.

I admit my french is, but from what I can see. The students are not happy with their options. As such, it might be a minority government. Which means it is possible to have the Quebec being sovereign discussion.

There is a sense that the landscape of politics needs to change in Quebec. Where this goes can be anyones guess. And the idea of separation has not died, it seems silent. Remember the Official Opposition for a time was a party that's sole goal was to separate. This did not please The Rest of Canada.

 But what do you think would happen if separation DID  happen? Would we suffer?