Agree or Disagree: The Church failed last week supporting Chick-Fil-A

Well,it's great to bring back Agree or Disagree. Hope you enjoy.

Since I was away, yes we have been watching the Olympics. There was also two separate protests in the USA involved Chick-Fil-A. There were groups that were boycotting Chick-Fil-A because of their stance on gay marriage. And people like Mike Huckabee started a rally supporting Chick-Fil-A. on their stance on gay marriage.

Last week,Matthew Paul Turner wrote this blog stating 5 reasons why the Church failed. The blog got so many traffic that comments couldn't be posted.

I'm sure both sides in retrospect probably feel that there cause was a success. But the deeper problem is there is a huge wall between the Church and LGBT communities that the longer these debates and protests go on, it will only continue. 

I read a blog in Christian Post today from someone named Matt Moore. He stated in this blog that if you are gay, that Jesus loves you, but you clearly don't love Him. You can read that here. In the action of defending truth, it's another brick wall to put up presuming anyone's love towards their God.

I think the idea of Church, and most would agree, that it is a place where people are accepted for who they are. Not kept out because of it. If the Church wants to be a place of acceptance that they desire, should there not be a better approach to this discussion?

Unfortunately, the way that some approach this is building a brick wall to keep everybody out.