A few observations about Quebec.

Well as you may know, I made my first ever trip to the land of Montreal Quebec. I ended up picking an interesting time. Here are some observations I made of it.

The lights Green or Red or Walk and Don't Walk are subjective.  Quite often you would see someone walk in front of a car, or a car whiz by a pedestrian. Yet no road rage incidents. Well one guy almost backed into me, then proceeded to give me the finger. (I had a walk sign). One of the squeegie guys came up and starting washing his window. As the squeegie guy said "You obviously can't see out your window, let me clean that for you."

If you are hungry for anything, at anytime or anywhere, you will be able to grab a bite to eat. The city was vibrant throughout the day. It is quite different from Calgary like that. Food and patio options are endless.

The church buildings are beautiful. And well visited. They were always open for prayer throughout the day. I think my favourite one was St. Joseph's Oratory. As you go up the steps, you can see more of the city, which includes close in it's site a Mosque and other religious temples.

My French is non-existent, but I wished it wasn't. I would have found it easier there. Although people do speak English, but I sensed the preference was for the most part French. The only area where I heard English come out was near McGill. 

You probably know this, but there was a provincial election call which bears watching. The early signs lead to a minority government. Many agree that it will be the students that are going to decide the election. Right now, the students are unimpressed with their options. Tuition and English-French language  will be two key issues, along with environment.

Speaking of the students,there was one small protest which the police were following. When the election was called, there was a major one and they have started. Although the media is talking about tuition, there is more to this then meets the eye. Here's a quote from one student in the paper

"We’re angry about an entire system of corruption and exclusion, not just tuition.” 

That will be interesting to watch going forward.

Overall, Montreal and the province of Quebec, is a beautiful place. A beautiful culture which respects and reveres who they are. It is unique of any other place in Canada. Very passionate and caring that I look forward to seeing again