Agree or Disagree: The Boycott of Chick-Fil-A and other organizations of the same stance.

Have you had Chick-Fil-A? I haven't. I'm sure it is tasty. Fattening. And Fast Food like.

Somehow this fast food restaurant has created quite a fuss. Not because of their tasty goodness, but because of their stand in the Same Sex debate.

In an interview conducted with Baptist Press, Dan Cathy has admitted they stand for "Biblical Values".

Of course when you stand for "Biblical Values"this jumps us into the "Gods plan for marriage" which he gets into. The problem is they have not only shared their vocal opinion, but they have also funded groups like the Family Research Council which the Southern Poverty Law Centre as a hate group.

I was thinking about this today. I keep hearing from some Christians that they feel that there values are being violated. There are some Christians that feel they are being persecuted for their beliefs. Yet I wonder why we keep hearing stories about Christian organizations standing opposed to everything that is not. And will be quite vocal about it as well.

Want a good example? Good on the Facebook site of The Christian Post. There are many people, including myself, that have challenged peoples view on there. We have been told, that our "worldly" view is not welcome on this site by the Christians. By the way,I'm a Christian.

Just because you might be a Christian and you have the Bible to back you up,that doesn't give you the right to keep other people down. No sorry, Jesus doesn't back you up. And people being hurt or angry at your comments is not persecution. For you to say it is a complete and utter insult to those who actually have been.

So when  groups like Chick-Fil-A gets involved in some questionable funding, it is fair for that too be questioned. If they want to claim that they support Biblical values, then it would be fair to ask exactly what that means.