Before this goes any further,the Coho shooting was not because we turned away from Christian values!

Every time there is a major tragedy somewhere, we seem to get some fundamentalist Christian organization expressing that the reason for things like this is because we are "turning away from Judeo Christian values".

This time it is Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. He is the first to blame the lack of Christian values as the reason for James Holmes for shooting 70 people in a movie theatre.

Read his column here.

So let's just get this out of the way so we can move on.  For those using the Bible as an example, there was murder, rape, torture and tragedy. Before 1963, there was murder, rape, torture, and tragedy.

The shooting Friday didn't happen because of a lack of prayer. It also didn't happen because there are gay people on earth. It also didn't happen because there are other religions other than Christianity.

It happened because someone made a decision to shoot a gun.

Can we please put a stop to this suggestion? It's just simply not true.