A week with lots of questions, but going forward some answers.

It's been a tough week in terms of major news stories. We all have seen the pictures, heard the interviews, and read the stories. We will probably learn more about James Holmes then we care to know. We will learn about the shooters in Toronto as well.

This week, we talked about guns, fathers, relationships and abuse of power. Let me touch on these things this week with some of my opinions on each topic.

Guns: There was graphs, and cities to illustrate why or why not there needs to be gun control. Too me, I'm not entirely sure for what good purpose there is for everyone to have a gun. James Holmes happened to carry 4 into a movie theatre. I'm sure there is at least 14-15 victims friends and families that will ask why? I follow that question

Relationships and Power: The comments given on the "rant" is leading me  to believe that there is more to break down and discuss then there a simple statement. I'm in thoughts of how to do that.Might be a key part of next week.

However as an update, Jared Wilson did post this on his blog this morning. http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/gospeldrivenchurch/

Fatherhood: Very clear from the discussion, the issue is not being a father, but being a responsible parent, and more over, a responsible human. We can debate all of the issues that are beneath the surface, but the fact is people decided at some point to pick up a weapon and shoot other people. The shooter is the one responsible for his/her actions. Period. 

This also has lead me to think of ways to broaden this discussion going forward.

Meanwhile, remember the victims and their families of some of the difficult situations this week. Things like this can take a lifetime to recover or reconcile with. This is not the time for a cheap cliche, but a time for sober support.

The prayer that keeps going in my mind is an often used prayer: Lord, break our heart for the things that break Yours.