Agree or Disagree: This man is being rightfully punished for holding a Bible Study

There is a story that has gained some steam a man by the name by Michael Salman is being jailed for holding a Bible Study. At least this is what the headlines say. The headline was spread by some Christian publications like Relevant and Christian Post. And with good reason as it is a surprising story considering it is in Phoenix. Here's his YouTube video.


Here is an article to add, to which I need to point out something in this article.

"City officials claim that he’s running an operation that is reminiscent of a home church — but without the required permits. And according to Fox’s Todd Starnes, Phoenix court documents show that he violated 67 codes"

I want to give some sympathy as it appears that the family has been through an ordeal. Bu there seems to be something missing from the story. I'm pretty certain based in what I know that there are many house Bible Studies and or Small Groups in Phoenix Do you think what happened here is right or are we missing something here?