Agree or Disagree: Calgary Stampede Chuck wagon races should be banned

I love animals. I think they are amazing. They are able to communicate in ways we can’t.

 I’m also not personally one that enjoys rodeo or chuck wagon races. They aren’t my personal form of entertainment.

 Chad Harden and his family loves horses. He loved them enough to care for them. He was devastated by the accident yesterday. As a matter of fact, one of the horses was meant to go to his son. Here's a video response.

 After yesterday’s mishap in the Heat 4 of the chuck wagon races, Animal Rights Groups, specifically the Vancouver Humane Society, have called for another discussion of a ban of chuck wagon races. Read here.

 As well intended as some of these groups are, I wonder if any of these people will talk to Chad Harden or any of these racers for that matter. They have ranches, or farms and generation after generation of families who have spent hours upon hours with horses. They love them and cherish them as their own family. I don't believe there is any intent of cruelty here. And it feels to me, that some of these groups go to a suggestion of banning and missing the point

 Yes, we have seen some issues and the Stampede even attempted to improve safety as there was an issue in  2011. All recognize that there needs improvement and NOBODY wins  when a tragedy like this happens.

 What would help is if the protesters put down their signs and engage in real dialogue. A man has been devastated by this.