Agree or Disagree: The Canadian National Anthem should be sung in both English and French

I saw an interesting Tweet last night that inspired this conversation.

I joke re @CalgaryStampede but dead serious: disgraceful to drop French verse from anthem ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN FRENCH.#Stampede100 #yyc.

From the several Tweets he posted on this, his point is that the original lyrics of Oh Canada are in French. French is an official language in Canada. Many places including the Grey Cup no matter where it is being played. 

Not everyone agrees. The official language in Alberta is English some said.

I see both sides of this. I don't speak french, but if I did and didn't hear it in my language, I may not be happy. However, french is not a common language here so I don't know if it's a fair expectation.

What are your thoughts?