Agree or Disagree: You would consider the City of Calgary safe

I know on the eve of the Calgary Stampede, this might not be the most pleasant topic to bring up. But it did happen and we should bring it up. Last weekend at a restaurant called the Brill in NE Calgary, there was a gang-motivated shooting. Steven Tran, the owner of the restaurant, came back to find walls riddled with bullet holes, shot-up tables and chairs and damaged counter tops.

It’s not a scene that we should be used too. It’s a family restaurant. Innocent lives were impacted.

You can read the story here.

This is not the friendly neighbourhood Calgary we have come to know and love is it?. Calgary is a safe city. There are issues but the idea of a gang attack doesn’t feel right too me in Calgary.

Does this type of violence, gang violence impact you? Do you find Calgary safe?