Agree or Disagree: Free Speech is under attack

In Deerborn Michigan, a group called The Official Street Preachers which is led by a guy by the name of Rueben Isreal, came to an Arab International  Festival to as Rueben said, "Talk to people about Jesus" Here is an interview with Rueben


As Rueben said, America is a Christian nation and "This is not Afghanistan". He even invites then to have a "BLT" sandwich. At an Islamic Festival.

This got worse. There was a report which was supported by a Christian TV group called Wretched TV that the Muslims were throwing stones at the Christians which you can  watch here.


This gets better. the actual footage of the video you just saw was edited quite heavily to make this look like Christians were being stoned, but this article gives quite a different version of the events.

That's in America. Let's hit Canada. Our friend Ezra Levant is claiming with an interview with Mike Duffy claims that they are being censored and free speech will reign. Here's an excerpt.


Now to Calgary, There's this article I stumbled along on the use of City Hall in Calgary in the Calgary Sun.

There are three different issues, from three different areas. But the issue is freedom. That's what "victims" like Rueben Isreal, Ezra Levant, and others that claim there rights are being violated want to tell you.

But what if there was some different choices? What if the Bible Believers chose not too go to the Festival?

Is Free Speech really under attack in North America? Or is more to the story?