Agree or Disagree: All in All, Canada and the USA Make good neighbours. One Canadians Observation of the USA

We all have neighbours. There are some that you like and some that you don't.

Depending on the actual neighbourhood you live in, you may have a different variety of neighbours. You might have a neighbour that NEVER mows his lawn. They leave their grass to grow. The dog barks loud and often when they are away. Might fight with you over the fence line. Never says hello. Always kind of crusty.

Or, if you live in an apartment like me, you could have the neighbour that decided to keep his laundry in both of the washers, the only washers in the building by the way, for 90 minutes. A certain someone, not mentioning any names (Kevin), was slightly to really annoyed.

Or you might have this kind of neighbour. Very social. Always has a BBQ, with lots of people over. Can come across as really loud, but deep down is quite friendly. Seems to be really involved in other neighbours business. Some question why they need to know everything, but deep down, they just care. Their extrovertness gets them in trouble, but if you need them for a fight, they would be there hands down. It might slightly annoy you, when they come to your house and ask where Bob is.

This might lead to the kind of neighbour you are. You might live a quiet, simple existence. You generally get along with everyone. You talk nicely. You have parties, but they are considered loud, but more respectable by some. Your introvertness makes some assumptions by the other neighbours in the area. 

If you can imagine this, the Introvert in this exchange is Canada and the Extrovert is the United States. 

Sometimes when you are sitting on your porch, it is quite easy to make some assumptions about your neighbour without truly talking to them. Although I can be known as quite observant, sometimes it's ok to look over the fence and ask some questions and get to know them, 

While I haven't been to the neighbours house much, I am personally quite grateful to them personally for the impact they have had on my life. A few years ago, I went on what I would simply describe as a "faith journey". My exploration lead me to the States where I connected with many different people on various spiritual walks. Some were much different than what I knew. Some were the same. Others had different questions. In many ways, I admire and still admire their passionate search and care. 

So as I peer over my fence, and notice their large backyard with BBQ and fireworks, there is much more to admire. Things like.. 

Their love for family. If 9/11 showed us anything, it was that you just do not under any circumstances, go into their yard and attack their brothers and sisters. Ever. If you do, you will pull this family together like never before. They may have had a long discussion on the best course of response, but in the end family comes first. 

They have a great sense of history and many great contributors on how they have gotten here. From the Founding Fathers, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Rita Park, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and right up to now with Barack Obama, it is a family that has had so much to contribute to who they are. And they honour them. 

They are also not ones to deny the little "mishaps" in their family. We think of mishaps like, the Kennedy Assassination, Watergate, O.J. Simpson, The Clinton Affair, and the Presidency of George W.Bush. Some might hide these as "dirty little family secrets". Not this one. They discuss them and how it impacted them. They remember where they were when it happened. 

Their backyard BBQ's have some great entertainers that have changed or have impacted music. People like Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, and Garth Brooks have had a huge say in what we listen to today. 

If you could go down to their basement and watch a movie on their 38 inch flat screen TV with surround sound, you would be able to watch some great actors or actresses. People like Jack Nicholson, Steve Martin, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, or Clint Eastwood. You can even go back to Clarke Gable, Jimmy Dean, or Marilyn Monroe. 

You will also know what they love, they love with all of their heart. Whether it be NFL Football, College football, baseball, Apple Pie, or a simple dream, they care about it a lot and will shout it from a rooftop. Or a patio, for that matter. 

It also doesn't seem to matter which perspective the family members come from, the right or the left, the bottom line for this family is to make it better. They do love this family with all of their heart. And they love it enough to fight for it. 

And whenever they have looked over our fence, or have come over, they have been quite respectful. True, some have expected more snow in the back yard. And, maybe yes some are surprised that the design of our living space is not similar to an igloo. But they have been nothing more than pleasant with us. They even respect our introvertness. 

So America, as I peer over the fence, I happen to notice that it is your birthday today. You will celebrate it the same way you always will. With pride, excitement, and in honour of who you are. We will watch with admiration.