Agree or Disagree: Ezra Levant is being unfairly treated by the CBSC and other media outlets.

There are some names that create a polarizing view. Either you really like them or hate them. Although Canada is a peaceful nation we have a few. People like Don Cherry, Pierre Trudeau, Ralph Klein, Stephen Harper, and Rob Anders to name a few. In terms of news reporters, we don't have many that strike a chord like someone like a Rush Limbaugh for example, but there is one that does. Ezra Levant.

Who is Ezra Levant? He is a Sun News Reporter/ Columnist that has a conservative stance. Sun News has labeled him as Canada's freedom fighter. He battles and discusses issues of free speech in Canada. It is not the only topic he discusses He did write many books including Ethical Oil. He has also has challenged some of the funding of the CBC and how they have operated.

For some he is a fresh voice. Many believe that there is a liberal bias in the media and he is an excellent counter for them. He writes with a very sharp wind style.

For others, he's not. Many also call him a right wing extremist and other things that I won't mention here. You might remember him for publishing the infamous Danish cartoons that depicted Mohammad.

Levant has come under fire from the Canadian Standards Broadcast Council his show on December 22, 2011. He was discussing a Spanish food company Chiquita Brands International boycott of the Alberta Oilsands. In the editorial, he called the company "anti-Canadian bigots".  According to the facts from the CSBC,when The Chiquita letter attempted to clarify the company's position, Levant called them a "liar" and ended the editorial with "Hey you.Yeah you (name of Chiquita executive)Chinga tu madre". For those who don't know, this is a swear word in Spanish.

Levant has written two responses to this. Which you can read:

Broadcast standards council upset over my 'excessive' language in dealing with Chiquita Banana

Expose and dispose

 There was a post on Facebook asking if he was being unfairly targeted? I'm going to answer this question

I have never personally met Levant, but he seems to be  passionate guy with a lot of fire. However, I did a little on a story that he told on his show as well.He interviewed Artur Pawlowski who runs Street Church in Calgary. Street Church was having some issues with the City of Calgary over Christmas  about their public displays and there were arrests.   Pawlowski,  felt that the city was being anti-Christian for not allowing  them to sing songs and pray in City Hall over Christmas. He even showed citations that he got. Levant called Nenshi a "bigot".

The story got me curious. If the city was being "anti-Christian" then surely other Christian organizations would have felt the same way. So I called, emailed and checked and other organizations. Turns out the other Christian organizations like the Mustard Seed and Street Light had a good relationship with the city. As a matter of fact, Mayor Nenshi recently was invited to speak at church in the city here.

From the article that Levant wrote, I would like to point out something that he said. He is not a reporter, he's an opinion journalist. He was conducting an interview, so as an interviewer would it not have been perhaps prudent to ask the question about other organizations and the relationship with the City? Or at least call the city? He's from Calgary, and he would have connections. He didn't ask any of that. He just criticized the City.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge story, But what it does is tells me something about Levant. He has two rules. 1)Do it his way or 2) else.

What Levant didn't mention in his article was that the CBSC received 22 complaints on the matter and that six requested that they investigate the matter

An important point from the CBSC decision. They said Levant was completely in his right to cast doubt,He crossed the line when he used coarse language.

Unfairly targeted? I don't think so. If anything, this has been a long time coming. He has crossed the line on more then one occasion. He has insulted people who do not side with him. Perhaps the CBSC took this into consideration.

Perhaps Levant can learn from the old saying those who play with fire end up getting burnt.