4 Quick Points about the Debate tonight.

Here are 4 quick debates about the Alberta Leaders Debate tonight.

1) I thought Alison Redford was polished and prepared for battle.She has been aware that she has been under attack throughout the campaign.I wouldn't mistake her emotion for overreacting.Her big slip was in MLA pay

2) I think Danielle Smith did well when she pointed out how different she was. She did not confront Raj Sherman or Brian Mason as hard as she did Redford. Her closing comment was interesting."Your options are Wildrose or Conservative." I get the feeling she isn't as open as she is saying to work with other parties. I also would like to point out that she did not give an education plan.

3) Raj Sherman presented a balanced approach. He was one that pointed out some social issues.He was engaging and had some humour. But the Liberals seem to always point to a vote against as vote for. He pointed people to the Liberal website when he had an opportunity to really grab attention.

4) Brian Mason is a guy you have to give credit too. He has worked very hard. He cares for Alberta.He loves the NDP. He challenged Redford on many occasions, but he felt like he was the opposition not the government. I would like to see some NDP seats, but I don't know if he stood out.

Now, please do your research. And I'm going to help you.How? I'm glad you ask.

Next week, I have lined up three guest posters from the different parties who will write in a small way why you should consider their party. I'm hoping to get a couple more.

What are your thoughts?