Are you having a tough time finding a church?

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting here in a coffee shop on a Sunday morning. I'm intrigued of how busy the place is considering the time of day.


I'm sitting near two couples that are having their first "coffee" meeting. There are two people studying. Some old friends seemingly catching up.


As I'm writing this, I imagine some of you have went to church this morning. If you won't go this morning, you might go in the evening. Or you might have went on a Saturday evening. Some of you might celebrate your faith on a Saturday.


The number of churches in Calgary is high. It is actually too numerous to mention, at least in the hundreds. So it should be pretty easy to go find a place that you feel a sense of community.


But for some, it actually has been really tough. Some of you are going to places where it's kind of a fit for you, they gave some good programs for your kids and great teaching but you feel you are missing something.


Some of you have went to a church that you have been going for years. But it feels like you are hiding you have had a tough time meeting people


Or maybe you are single.The church you have went is where you grew up. You really enjoy it. But the time is now to move on because you are in a different place.


Some of you might be newly married, or engaged, or going to that point and want a place where both of you can feel a sense of connection and get involved.


Or you might be like me. You might feel like the church has been serviceable. They have some good programs, good worship, good teaching, but there just seems like there is bit of depth missing. That there is so much more.You might one that focuses on the arts and creativity and openness. Maybe you have felt that the church has been able to help you with your questions. Or that the answers have not been satisfactory. Jesus is the answer doesn't hit home.


I wish many churches would stop with the phrase there is no perfect church. The moment you walk in the church becomes imperfect. That is not the point. People are not looking for perfect, they are looking for a fit. Stop deflecting that concern.It's really degrading and insensitive.



Or maybe you have been going to a church for years. The place you have been going to is your fit. You and your family are happy. Your search is complete.


How do we connect you with those who are looking?


Websites, Facebook and Twitter can be a help. But if you click on the site, depending on budget and quality, it will give you some insight. So for those, it works.


But we need to be a little honest. The facts are out there. There are more people leaving church in Christianity then coming in. Any church growth within the last 20 years has not been because there are new believers (not that they are not). Church growth trends are more transferable than it is new.


I don't think it's because of a lack of belief. It's a lack of fit and connection.


This is where you  and I come in.


I'd like for you and I to start a discussion on your church. I want to invite some of you to talk about your church. With one small caveat.


 I would prefer it not to be pastor,elder,deacon or worship leader of the church. I would like it to be the people that go and sit every week. Perhaps you volunteer sometimes but you are not in leadership.


I'm opening this up to all churches.Large churches, small churches and even house churches. 


If you wish to share about your church, please email me at Tell me your church name, service times and why you enjoy it.


At the same time if you are a person that is looking for a church, I would like you to explain, politely, what you are looking for in a church. Perhaps briefly discuss what has happened before to give some context of where you are at.


There are many people out there who say that they don't need a church to celebrate their faith. I actually would agree. You don't need the three songs, 10 min sermon, maybe special offering, 30 45 min sermon. 


But you do need community to learn from each other.


Let's start that conversation